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OutreachBuzz High-Quality Content Seal
OutreachBuzz High-Quality Content Seal

At Outreach.buzz we like to reward websites that have high quality content. Our content marketing experts carefully analyze a certain domain and, provided it passes the prerequisites below, that website will receive the honor Outreach.buzz badge.

We make sure that only real sites are selected. All the websites that have received our badge are trusted and approved by us for guest posting. This means we’ve already evaluated them and we recommend these websites for guest posting.

It also means that the websites trusted by Outreach.buzz strive to always provide high-quality content.

You can be sure that having our badge on your website will offer you a great advantage, reliability and better chances of conversion.

Requirements to get Outreach.Buzz's Badge

Here is the required criteria a website has to pass in order to receive the trusted by Outreach.buzz badge:

  • The website has its own domain name and is active.
  • The website doesn’t contain any immoral or illegal content hat can damage your brand’s reputation
  • The website is not part of a Public Blog Network (PBN).
  • The website doesn’t engage in Black Hat SEO, risking to be de indexed or penalized.
  • The website’s sole purpose isn’t to sell large numbers of guest posts.
  • The website has an organic presence on social media
  • The website has a real audience, verified on public sources (Alexa, SemRush)
  • The website’s owner responds to advertising/content marketing inquiries.

How to add our badge

If your website meets all the requirements above, please add it to Outreach.Buzz’s database through the Add your blog form.

We will let you know in max 3 business days if your website is accepted. If yes, and only then you can add our official badge.

OutreachBuzz High-Quality Content Seal
OutreachBuzz Recommended Content Seal
OutreachBuzz Guest Posting Approved Seal

You may add any of these three badges on your website. We recommend on the Write for us page or on the sidebar. If you need any help to add the badge, let us know and we will gladly guide you.