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Benefits for SEO Experts

For SEO Experts, the primary goal is to create valuable backlinks that will increase traffic and leads. Here is how Outreach.buzz can make an SEO Expert’s job easier:

Get relevant and authority backlinks through guest posting

In order to obtain backlinks for their clients, an SEO expert needs to find valuable publishers and influencers. This research process can be difficult and it usually takes a lot of time.

That’s exactly why we created Outreach.buzz: to make things easier for you by providing you with a list of real and manually verified sites, ready to publish your content.

Organize expert roundups for more traffic and links

No matter what the issue, it’s always best to ask an expert. But what if you asked the opinion of, let’s say, 50 experts? You can be sure that the opinions of 50 experts on a particular matter weigh a lot more.

Moreover, your reader will get to read different points of view, to compare them and to understand the bigger picture. Also, you will get plenty of relevant, high-quality backlinks from bloggers that will link their contribution on their blogs.

Get work

Having an extended list of websites ready to publish content gives you the chance to contact them and offer your SEO services. With Outreach.buzz, you’ll get in touch with publishers, bloggers, and influencers in almost any niche. And to make things even more engaging, we permanently add up to our list of websites.

Expand your authority through guest posting on media outlets

Don’t limit your work to publishing content on various sites! Take your outreach strategy to the next level and get significantly more exposure by guest posting on media outlets. This is the smartest way to earn more backlinks and to make your voice heard.

Suggesting content resource to complementary articles

Outreach.buzz can help you find websites which have published content similar to yours. The next step is to contact the site and offer to add more valuable and detailed information to their articles from your website. The purpose of this process is to get a backlink to your site.

Benefits for Small and Medium Businesses

The most successful way to grow your business and gain brand visibility is to start publishing and advertising in your industry’s media outlets. Our outreach tool will help you to:

Position yourself as an expert by posting articles in media

In order to be viewed as an expert in your industry, you should publish articles in relevant media outlets. Outreach.buzz will help you find the right websites to do that.

Advertise on top websites in your industry

Go one step further and begin advertising on sites in your niche. This way you can be sure that people who visit these sites are actually interested to find out more about your product. Create a compelling advertisement to convince them to buy it.

Ask for reviews of your product from industry bloggers

What can be more valuable than a nice review of your product written by a respected blogger in your niche? Your sales will convince you of the power of good reviews in no time.

Increase your brand’s visibility through PR

Start a guest posting campaign and let people know about your business and the products you sell. Let Outreach.buzz guide your way through all the important websites in your industry.

Get more links and traffic to increase your sales

Focus on getting authority and relevant links in your niche, and soon enough your website will attract more and more visitors. Some of them will become your clients, so get ready to fill your pockets.

Reach out to bloggers, influencers and digital publishers

Benefits for Developers

You’ve just finished creating an app and you want to let the world know about it. Here’s how Outreach.buzz can help you:

Get bloggers to promote your app

Nowadays, most apps, tools and computer programs, have a website designed to present it. If you want to rank for keywords important for your business, it’s important to get backlinks from relevant and authority websites.

Get your app reviewed on blogs

In order to get purchases for your app, it’s mandatory to have great reviews. But if you’ve just started you don’t have reviews and if you don’t have reviews, people won’t buy the app.

So you need to break this vicious circle. That’s why you should use Outreach.buzz to get in touch with bloggers that will review your app in exchange for a premium account or a small fee.

Get partnerships or joint ventures

This works when each party has proportional benefits. It’s not a good pitch to say you want to start a joint marketing effort with another business if you’re the one who’s getting most of the reward.

Your chances of getting a partnership with someone through cold email outreach are slim unless they already know your business and trust you.

Once you’ve been talking for a bit and understand each other’s businesses and audience, you can propose a partnership that could benefit everyone– including the customer.

Get projects and contracts

As a developer, you can easily get contracts for tools, web or mobile apps if you have a portfolio. So there’s nothing wrong with contacting blogs and media outlets and telling them about your services.

The point here isn’t to sell blatantly, but mostly to try helping them. Check their sites or their apps and see if there are things you can improve. After you have a list, you can make them a brief offer with the costs involved.

Get media coverage

Pitching to channels that cover mobile apps for news coverage or requesting reviews is another app promotion technique. App-specific sites offer exposure to a targeted audience of app users and enthusiasts and can significantly elevate your app’s profile.

Benefits for Bloggers

Whether you are a well-known blogger or you’ve just started blogging, you’ll find that Outreach.buzz can be extremely efficient in supporting your efforts. Here’s what you can benefit of while using our outreach tool:

Get in contact with other bloggers from your niche

There’s no secret that in any business, you have to know your competition. Trying to find valuable competitors can take a lot of your time and energy. Why waste it when you can learn all about them with just a few clicks?

Write for targeted new audiences, similar to yours

We know you already have an audience and that you want to expand it as much as possible. A smart way to do that is to publish guest posts on other blogs and to accept guest posting on your blog.

We provide you with a list of important blogs or publications and their contacts, so you can start this process right away.

Get valuable backlinks through guest posting

Not every backlink can help your blog and you should make sure that the ones you have are relevant. How? By using Outreach.buzz and finding high-quality publications and blogs, that are worthy of your content.

Suggest resources like infographics, videos or blog posts

Finding similar content that allows you to add your own infographic or video seems like a dream come true. With Outreach.buzz you can do just that.

By letting you know other bloggers in your niche, we help you find related content that you can add to. And, of course, you’ll get a nice backlink to your blog.

Amplify your content

You spend a lot of time creating good-quality content for your blog. But you know what matters most when it comes to content? It’s the number of people it reaches.

By publishing guest posts on other blogs, you can be sure it reaches a lot more people. Not to mention the fact that it’s more likely your post will be shared on social media platforms.