Ultimate Guest Posting Guide for 2020

Guest Posting Guide

I’m sure you have already heard about the incredible power of guest posting. If it’s well done, this strategy can do wonders for your traffic, ranking, and popularity.

For those who are new to this amazing outreach method, or just want to improve their approach, I will explain in this article how to guest post effectively and have success.

What is a guest post and how does it help me?

First of all, let’s see what a guest post is. As the name states, a guest post is an article published on someone else’s blog or website. Therefore, you’re a guest on their website.

Now the following question would be “How does guest posting help me?”. Well, that’s a great question. Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase your traffic, gain authority, and reach the highest ranks in Google searches.

Most of all, guest posting is about building relationships. After all, this is how influencers got where they are now. By networking and spreading their connections. This is the secret to blogger or influencer outreach. Building valuable and lasting relationships.

Guest Posting Guide

Now that you’re up to speed on this topic, let’s see which are the steps in guest posting. Are you ready to get going? Let’s go.

1. Choose your targets

Make a list of the websites on which you would like to guest post. This is the easiest part. After you’ve created your account on our platform, just go to your dashboard and search your keywords.

If you are into SEO then you may choose the SEO category directly or simply search keywords like SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Digital Marketing. If you would like to gust post on financial sector then you may choose the Finance category or search for keywords like investments, finance, stocks, forex etc.

There are more than 3500 websites from 38 buzzing niches. The following step is to separate the authority sites from the average ones. Our tool offers information such as Alexa Rank, Facebook and Twitter followers, Domain Social Authority and Domain Authority in order for you to make the best decisions when creating your projects.

2. Build a relationship

Now as I’ve said before, guest posting is about building relationships. That is why you cannot ask strangers for favours out of the blue. Especially if those strangers are famous top-tiers sought by everyone. You need to establish a connection first.

You are not the only one that tries to publish something on their website, so why should they choose you out of everyone?

Building a relationship is easy because they are open to it. Make yourself visible by leaving relevant comments on their blog posts and communicating on social media.

You can even send them an email with a week or two before sending your pitch to tell them how much a certain post has inspired or helped you. Then just wait for them to respond. Don’t spam them with too many emails.

For every website listed in Outreach.Buzz you have at least the email address and one of social media profiles so before sending them any guest posting request you should follow them on social media (simply click onTwitter or Facebook profile) and why not send an email appreciating their work.

3. Create the perfect pitch

This is a very important step. Your pitch has to be next to perfect. If a pitch is poorly written you don’t stand a chance. Follow the following guidelines for a successful pitch and you will surely win them over.

  1. Learn about your targeted influencer
  2. Create an interesting introduction
  3. Be sure you don’t have any spelling mistakes
  4. Outline the benefits of a partnership between the two of you
  5. Create awesome content
  6. Tweak your social media pages
  7. Use calls to action
  8. Be concise
  9. Take seasonality into consideration
  10. End with gratitude

For more details, read our article on how to create the perfect pitch for outreach. Below is an example of a good pitch, even though the sender didn’t research much before writing it.

Guest post email

4. Choose the best topic

Now that you’ve made contact, you have to come up with the best topics for their website. The audience has to devour it. In order to do that, you’ll have to make yet another research and answer the following questions:

  • What is the audience’s knowledge level?
  • Are there any outdated articles that can be updated with useful information?
  • What kind of articles does the site’s owner accept?

After you answer these questions, you will have a better picture of what works and what doesn’t for that particular site.

5. Follow their guidelines

Most influencers that accept guest posts offer specific guidelines which are their 10 commandments. You may be an experienced writer, but every blogger nourishes and nurtures his site and wants a certain consistency.

So if you want to be a guest on their site, follow their rules. If you don’t, you may waste your time writing a 2000 words article that will eventually not be accepted. Also, be open to suggestions. There’s nothing wrong with a second opinion for the best outcome possible.

6. Create different projects

You can create different projects on our platform and assign them to team members. Separate the top-tiers from the average sites according to your goal. For those sites with a very pedigreed audience, you have to rise to their expectations.

Be sure to have at least 1500 words. A good article has to offer valuable information. Ar article with only 300 words is probably just an introduction.

Guest posting is not just a way to get backlinks. It’s a way to gain authority, traffic and establish a professional image. Therefore remember that your articles represent you, even though they are not on your site.

7. Insert internal links

Be sure to insert in your guest post links to the owner’s articles. This will definitely impress him or her and will pave the way for other future guest posts. This also shows that you are informed and appreciate their content. The perfect way to strengthen the relationship.

8. Share the love

Once your post is out there, you will want to share it everywhere. Write on your blog about it, link to it, share it on every social page you own and send it to your subscribers. You want to be out there and gain as many readers as possible.

9. Follow up and be grateful

Don’t abandon your post once it was published. You’ll want people to engage by leaving comments and asking questions. If you want to gain an audience, be sure not to neglect those readers.

If your presence is noticed, they will definitely check your own site out. Again, guest posting is about relationships. So don’t just move on after your post was published. Send a thank you message to the site’s owner

10. Accept guest posts on your site

It makes sense. Networking goes both ways. Offer others the opportunity that was offered to you. You will also benefit from some good content and gain more readers and links. This is a way to help others grow and spread their connections.


Now that you know what guest posting is, how beneficial it is and how to do it, you’re ready to go. If you don’t have an account yet, create one and get free access to more than 150 curated websites.

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Start connecting and spread your words everywhere. I’d love to hear about your experiences with guest posting and your recommendations.

Leave a comment or send us a question and we’ll be happy to talk.