How to create the perfect pitch for outreach

How to create a successful outreach campaign

Have you ever wondered why those desired influencers haven’t replied to you? Or why you couldn’t build a relationship with major publishing houses?

Believe it or not, the answer is quite simple. Maybe your pitch wasn’t convincing enough or just wasn’t tailored to meet their needs. You have to keep in mind that outreaching for guest posting is a partnership, a relationship that’s supposed to benefit both participants. Since you are the one reaching out, you have to put some time and effort into your proposal, in order for them to want to work with you.

So let’s see how you can improve your outreach strategy and make sure you build lasting and fruitful relationships on the web.

1. Who are you outreaching to?

First of all, if you want to collaborate with a blogger or an influencer, you shouldn’t send them mass messages or a general email template. They won’t even bother to read it. Think about it. You’re not the only one reaching out to them. Why would they spend their time reading your message out of other 50 or 100? If you send an impersonal message, they will probably consider it spam and delete it right away. The best approach is to do a little research first. Who is this person you’re writing to? What are his interests, his strategies, his networks? Make a profile of this person and use it to personalize your pitch for them. It’s one of the basic rules of marketing. You need to target your message for each person you’re contacting. Just like when you’re applying for a job interview. Including their name, their last article you read and something you have in common will definitely peak their interest and they will at least read your message.

2. How do you begin?

Is your subject line interesting? Does it make them curious enough to open it? If not, you should think about what would make you open it, if you were in their shoes. It will make a big difference. Also, don’t start with a dull introduction. Would you be interested to read an article written by someone that sends boring emails? They certainly won’t consider publishing your content on their precious blog. In blogger outreach, you have to forget about the basic introduction “Hello, My name is… and I work for…”. Think about all you’ve learned about this person and start with it. You need to catch his or her eye with your first words.

3. Is your pitch well written?

I believe this is an absolute must. Your email has to be close to perfection. If the influencer detects bad English, he will definitely not consider posting your work on his site. You can use tools like Grammarly to correct your typos and be sure to read it twice before sending it for other errors that you might have missed. Here is an example of a good pitch, even though this person didn’t research much before sending it. Outreach Pitch Example

4. Why should they choose you?

As I’ve mentioned before, influencers receive a lot of messages and proposals. Now that you’ve succeeded to capture their attention, you have to tell them why a collaboration with you is good for both your businesses. We already know that a relationship like this will increase your traffic, but what’s in it for them? Why choose you over the others? I’m sure you have your own reasons for picking this particular blogger, influencer or publishing house. They are relevant to your business, your targeted audience is similar to theirs, or you work in the same niche. Get them to see that. Explain to them why a connection with you would benefit their business. Guest posting is a win-win situation. Therefore, prepare a strategy before you send your pitch. Make it convincing. I’m sure you can do that, you’re already doing it with your articles.

5. Is your content good enough?

Next, you have to make sure that your content is original. You already know that this is a key requirement for SEO, therefore I’m not going to insist on this topic. Think about the blog or the website on which you want to publish your work as someone’s baby. They cherish their baby and are careful with what they feed him. That’s why in order to get your work published on their websites, you have to make it interesting, unique, and helpful.

6. How about your social media pages?

Just as you check the influencer’s audience before you decide to send a message, so will they before deciding if they want to work with you. As I have previously said, guest posting goes both ways, no matter who has the outreach initiative. Therefore tweak your social pages before sending your email.

7. Do you entice them to do something?

Blogger or influencer outreach is part of your marketing strategy. Therefore, like in any other marketing strategy, you have to use calls to action. Ask them to read your work, to contact you, or to take a look at your social accounts so they can convince themselves that this relationship would be valuable. Our advice is to use only two or three calls to action. Just enough to entice them to take an action, as using too many calls to action can be confusing.

8. Is it concise?

Now that you’ve read these guidelines, you have a pretty good idea about what to write. However, be careful not to write too much. Be short and relevant. Don’t write novels because they don’t have the time, nor the patience to read them in an email. Follow the above pieces of advice in as few words as possible. All you need to do is make it personal with the things you’ve learned about them (don’t be creepy though) and explain the benefits of a connection between the two of you. It’s as easy as that.

9. Is your timing good?

Another thing that interests bloggers, influencers or publishing houses is seasonality. Think about the upcoming holidays and events. What are their projects during this time of the year? Can you help them in any way? Product launches may be the best timing to contact bloggers or influencers since they can give stellar reviews. Also, you have to consider the time and day you are outreaching. Test and adapt accordingly until you find the perfect recipe for you.

10. How does it end?

Closing is another important aspect of your pitch. According to Boomerang, emails that end with gratitude have a much higher response rate. Check out their statistics:

outreach email closing
Image source:

As you can see, the closings expressing gratitude have significantly better results. Positive emotions always bring more chances for cooperation. So now you have it. 10 bits of advice on how you can make the best of your outreach strategy. Remember that it’s about building relationships, networking and growing your connections. This is how influencers won their spots in the online world. If you want to become a part of the community, start connecting. You can also check out our Guest Posting Guide to be sure you’re on top of everything.

Let me know if these tips were helpful or if you have any questions. Good luck!

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