16 Social Media Tools to Help You Write Better Posts

Social Media tools to help you write better posts

If you have an online business, you are probably wondering how to promote it in the most effective way.

Digital marketing may seem to be rather tricky for everyone who has only encountered traditional marketing or have never worked on the promotion campaigns before.

Thus, most people tend to find some easy ways of making their businesses go online.

Social networks are by far one of the most popular ways as it seems that they do not require too much effort and time. However, when you start to deal with social media marketing, you start to understand that nothing is simple.

There are so many tricks that you need to know and so many details that are to be revealed later.

Why is good writing so important for social media?

One of the problems the business owners face is the necessity to write posts. Today, to stand out from your competitors, it is not enough just to add a couple of funny pictures to the feed.

You need to write interesting posts that will catch the attention of your audience and will make them visit your page. However, writing is quite a complicated thing if you want to use it in your marketing strategy. Also you have to send your posts to social media networks.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of the 16 most powerful social media tools that you can use to improve your posts.

Pay attention that using these tools never guarantees shares and likes. Always remember that the idea of your text should be unique and the way you present the information should be catchy to the visitors. Check our guine on how to write awesome social media content.

The tools that you might have missed

5 tools to create effective headlines

A headline is the face of your post. If you create an effective headline, you may be sure that your article will find its audience. However, writing headlines is an art. If you do not have skills in this art, we’d recommend you to use these tools:


Don’t know how to define an effective heading? You need to do some testing. Optimizely is perhaps the best platform that you may use for testing the headlines.

It assists you in defining what’s perfect for your personal success. Additionally, you will be able to track some metrics like a number of clicks and a heatmap.


Another effective tool for analyzing headlines. Originally, CoSchedule has been created as a tool that helped in creating content plans but now it has more options, useful not only for the content managers but also for the content creators.


Many marketers know this tool as one of the most effective websites to learn content marketing. However, with the Taboola Newsroom, it turns into a tool that may be used both for content and for headline optimization.

If you care about the quality of your headlines, do not hesitate to use it.


Do you want to know why your headlines do not work? Qualaroo gives answers to this question.

This is a perfect tool for everyone who wants not just to fix the mistakes but to make a step forward in understanding what’s the best for your audience and what exactly makes your headlines more effective.

#5. BoostMedia

Many who start working with social media notice that they simply have no time to write content.

First, they start to do that by themselves but the results are so disappointing that they start to look for some better writing opportunities that require less time.

Boost Media provides the option to create content on demand and you can use their services whenever you need them.

11 effective tools for growing your business with writing

Your texts deserve to be checked with the most efficient tools that have proven that they can really turn even the most average pieces of content into something fantastic.


Need 140 characters post? Nothing’s easier with Write Rack. It automatically makes you texts shorter and gives the explanation how to divide the post in the most efficient way if it is longer than required. Perfect for Twitter marketing.

#2. SlickWrite


Editing can be really quick and easy if you use proper tools like Slick Write. The work done on your writing is just perfect: it fixes the pronouns and finds biased language, literally making your post suit any social media.


Your content should always be unique, no matter where you write it. Thus, you need to make sure that every single post can pass the plagiarism check and show the sufficient results. Help.PlagTracker perfectly works with short posts and long-reads.


There can never be enough spell check tools on this list. Polish My Writing is another perfect website that helps you make another step towards a high-quality content even if you may have some problems with grammar and spelling. It will fix all the mistakes making you writing perfect.

#5. BeforeWriting

If you need proofread your blog post, you can always make use of the professional services.

Of course, automatized checkup is great but if the quality of your post is of the highest importance, do not miss a chance to ask the professional team of editors and proofreaders to create a flawless piece of writing for you.

#6. Ulysses

Do you write a lot? You should definitely use Ulysses to organize your texts. Thus, you will be able to find any piece of writing quickly as everything will be perfectly organized in your own storage.

#7. WordCounter

The number of words is really important for social networks. If you have limited space or if your content strategist insists that you should stick to certain word count, it will be easier for you to track these digits using this app.

#8. Grammar-Monster

Grammar Monster

Do you know the most important ingredients for your social media success? One of them is the lack of mistakes. Social media are full of grammar Nazis and if someone notices that you have posted something with mistakes in it, they will probably mock you.

Use Grammar Monster to ensure that your texts lack only one thing, the mistakes.

#9. SpellCheck.net

We won’t stop talking about checking your spelling as this is by far the most important aspect. Spellchecker app is known by everyone who prefers to use free but still efficient apps to check the texts.

The only drawback is that the app can check only a limited number of characters at a time.

#10. Grammarly

Premium Grammarly access has everything that you need for a flawless text starting from the spell and grammar check and up to plagiarism detection.

However, free access will also be of assistance for everyone who is not quite confident in their knowledge of English.

#11. Hemingway App

A good social media post should always be short. If you do not know what information to exclude, use the Hemingway App. It will delete all useless and bulky words turning your writing into a masterpiece.


Now you know how to create the perfect content for your social networks and what social media tools to use. It’s time to check how they work!

Write a post, choose the tool, and start the experiments. You will see that writing is not as complicated as you have thought it to be.

We can help you with social media marketing or social media tools recommandations.