Get Started With Video Marketing To Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

Video Marketing To Boost Your Lead Generation Campaign

If an image is worth a thousand words then a video is definitely worth millions. The proof is in the fact that videos are going viral and proving to be an effective marketing tool for demand generation.

Everyone has only to log on to YouTube to know how it is being leveraged as a tool to drive awareness and sales. Statistics also support the contention that video is one of the best lead generation tools with video accounting for as much as 90% of the content used for lead generation.

Video types

A video can be categorized into various types according to how it is treated and the objective. In any case, a video is something that people are far more likely to view compared to text content or just plain static images. Digital marketing services along with a video specialist can provide any of the following types of videos.

Educational and demo videos

This is In order to create product awareness and impress upon the users. Basically, how useful it is and how to use it as an educational type of video that outlines the product’s features and application areas. This can be very enlightening for prospective users. Targets watch videos, know how that product works and how useful it is to them and can be motivated to buy or inquire.


People may not have the time or inclination to read lengthy text. In any case, text may not be worded right to convey precisely what is meant.

An explainer video makes use of audio and supporting video to put across a concept or information about services. In a 3-minute video, one can explain what would take pages of text to do so.

Case study and testimonials

People do like to see a product in actual usage scenarios and case study videos just to check that objective. This can be supported by testimonials from the user as to how he benefited or how his purpose was served by a product or service.

Promotional video

Promotional videos can take the form of a presenter giving a speech about his company, its products or services. It can take the form of a voice-over, show the product in use or showcase a story built around the product in an entertaining way.

”Video” is the magic word

Send an email or a link or a message but if video is what people can view, it is likely they will view it. After all, viewing a video is somewhat more passive than having to read text, which, for the visually impaired, can be a difficult task whereas video viewing is easy.

Expectations are high in that they expect a video to entertain to some extent and provide information too so it does require care in scripting and crafting the video.

That said a video of 3 or 5 minute duration is more likely to be viewed in its entirety than a web page or brochure. If it impresses sufficiently, they are likely to share it with people in their circle thereby spreading the message. Until something better comes along, video is the magic word.

Just take the case of digital signages and hoardings. Where videos are shown, people are likely to stop and watch whereas they will blithely ignore even the largest billboard with a static image.

There is mass psychology involved in the creation of videos. At the core is to create a compelling experience that goes straight to the heart, emotes and evokes responses. People like to identify themselves with something or someone and videos made right can achieve this effect.

Getting the viewer to react and response by including a call to action is but a short step away and you can be sure he or she will certainly respond. You get leads.

Better than text

Content is king so say search engines and search engine optimization experts. The trouble with text content is that one has to generate unique content and spread it across the web to create backlinks as part of the SEO services. There is the risk of plagiarism. Video imposes no such demands. The same video can be posted on various sites and promoted online. It is by itself unique unless of course, one has straightaway lifted tracks from some other video.

As for content being king, video has better content since it has potential to include text, voice, audio, music, infographics, animations and 3D simulations.

Instead of putting a plain form on the landing page of a website, a video that engages visitors might prove more compelling and persuasive. A video embedded in an email will state far more than any introductory or explanatory text can.

Which type of video to create?

This depends on the product or service, the target market and what they expect. Creating effective videos needs imagination and some technical skills in video production and it is best left to a professional whereas using videos creatively for lead generation falls in the realm of online video marketing services that push it through various avenues and leverage the power of youtube marketing with strategies aligned with Youtube policies and strategies that suit Vimeo if they choose that channel.

Video SEO calls for a different strategy since the channels and content of video are so different. For example, a video may talk directly about a product or simply create powerful brand imagery through association with a concept, a place or an emotional factor or something similar as high end brands are wont to do.

On the other hand, testimonials are down to earth things and most buyers probably are more influenced by people who have actually used the product.

If a testimonial video includes the contact details of such people who are providing the testimony, then it can be even more impressive in the testimonial video promotion and prove to be convincing, because, as anyone knows, testimonials can be manufactured.

The nitty gritty

Videos for lead promotion such as those video SEO services may need for promotions, can be in the form of a regular production undertaken by a video production house with associated high cost. One can just as well create videos with digital cameras with video capability or even use smartphones.

As in text, treatment and content are more important in video and the creative side will influence how much of an impact it has on viewers. Videos can be low cost and yet have high impact, even when made with smartphones.

A few things to keep in mind when you propose to make videos for lead generation

  • Keep it short: Humans have a short attention span. The video must be concise and to the point. A 3 minute duration is the norm for most videos used in online lead generation activities.
  • Make it interesting and entertaining: No one wants to watch a person droning on and on about a product. Instead, use humor or show products and weave a story into the script.
  • Appeal to human emotions: Even the most hard headed business decisions have some emotions at the base and people buying consumer products are largely influenced by the emotive impact.
  • Call to action: It is necessary to include a call to action at the end otherwise the video is left hanging in the air. Tell viewers what you want them to do and they are likely to think on it and act.
  • Video everywhere: Publish to YouTube, Vimeo and social channels like Facebook and then use links in all communications to point targets to your promotional videos online. You can even embed videos in emails as part of your marketing strategies.
  • Be precise and specific: If you have several products, do not cram them all into a single video. Use one video for one product. Use another for testimonials, linking the two by staring at the end of each video that viewers can watch product demo or testimonials.
  • Gates: Some video marketing services do recommend that users be required to furnish email before they can access video content but it could backfire unless the target has reached a stage where he does not find it unobjectionable. Some video marketers even put a form to be filled before the video can be accessed.

Videos, it must be said, are, in some cases, cheaper to produce and distribute over the web or through channels like whatsapp or YouTube. A smartphone or digital camera works at the lowest level to create videos that work.

Analyzing performance is necessary to know just how effective the video is and for this purpose digital marketing services offering video marketing services may suggest use of a video hosting platform coupled with a marketing automation platform in which data from video engagement funnels into the marketing system. You get to know which precise video resulted in lead generation and which one in conversions.

Try video. It is your best online lead generation tool that your SEO or video marketing service can leverage to maximize conversions.